Guide to Kyushu Region

Kumamoto Castle

I was born and raised in Kumamoto, which is located in Kyushu island,the south west of Japan,.
In April 2016, a big earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hit my hometown.
Next morning, I could not believe my eyes when I saw an image of horribly damaged Kumamoto castle on TV news. The stone walls well known for their solid- construction were collapsed in many parts of the castle and the roof tiles of the main keep were shaken off, which looked like a defeated samurai in historical dramas.
In my childhood, my school days ...I used to visit there in every opportunity. I grew up taking it granted for that “He” was always there like father. So, it was really painful to accept what happened in my hometown.
What the most shocking but impressed scenery was the “Iidamaru Gokaiyagura”: five storied guard tower on the verge of collapse, which was barely being supported by ONLY 8 corner stones survived from collapse!! I’m sure all the people in Kumamoto were inspired by “his” dignified appearance enduring the pain desperately but silently....

It has passed 3 years since reconstruction project was launched by Obayashi corporation, which has every know-how for castle building since it undertook reconstruction of the main keep in 1960.
Now scaffolds covering the main keep was removed; the reborn donjon standing proudly can be seen. It is beautiful! Subsequently, the second keep is now being restored. Scaffolded castle building looks like a robot hero and observing how carpenters are working might be also interesting and only-now experience! I would strongly recommend you to visit if you have a chance.
It is said that it’ll take 20 years to complete the restoration work for the whole buildings and will cost 60,000,000,000 yen!!! Now they are asking for donations and if you donate 10,000 yen or more, your name is registered as the partly “ lord of Kumamoto castle”!! I of course donated 10,000yen and became “the lord“worth ...maybe a piece of stone wall?????