Kushiro and Tsurui



Kushiro and Tsurui

Kushiro, which is well known as “the town of mist,” is located in the southeastern part of Hokkaido, facing the Pacific Ocean.

Kushiro plays a leading role in the politics, economics and culture of eastern Hokkaido.

The marine products industry of Kushiro has flourished since the early 20th century, and the long and narrow city centering on Kushiro Port still retains many features of the streets of the early 20th century port town.

If you would like to treat yourself to a gourmet meal or enjoy shopping, Kushiro Fishermen’s Wharf MOO is the place to go.

This is a very popular place for both the local people and visitors, and there is always a lively, cheerful and welcoming atmosphere.

In the north of Kushiro is Japan’s largest marshland, Kushiro Marsh, which stretches out over the majority of the Kushiro Plain.

Kushiro Marsh is listed as a national park.

Kushiro Tancho Nature Park is known as the site of the first successful artificial breeding of tancho cranes (Japanese cranes), which are designated as special natural monuments.

There are currently about 20 Japanese cranes residing in the park.

They can be seen all year round.

Tsurui village

Kushiro and Tsurui


Tsurui is a small village located in Kushiro District, southeastern Hokkaido.

The district is most famous for Kushiro Marsh National Park and Tancho-bird. The spring in Tsurui starts in May as cherry blossom start to blossom.

Animals and plants suddenly come to life after enduring a long and harsh winter.The exotic view looks just like a savanna in a foreign country.In spring, a fantastic view of the marsh enveloped in fog can be seen with the morning sun rising in front of the viewpoint.(Shitsugen Tsurui Viewpoint)

Between November and March,some 200 cranes come flying to Tsurumidai,which is known as one of their two main feeding sites.In winter,many photograph beautiful Japanese cranes.

The nearby Kushiro Marsh, stretching 183km square kilometers, sheds its wintry colors and becomes covered in fresh green.

When summer comes the Marsh is now covered with rich green, making a wonderful contrast with the blue of the rivers.

In the fall the trees covering the mountains display their autumn leaves in various stunning shades of red and yellow. Finally winter steals over the Marsh, spreading thick snow on the ground.


Tokachi plain


Kushiro and Tsurui

Surrounded by mountain ranges with much snow, the Tokachi River runs in the center of the Tokachi plain, which occupies around 10 percent of all Hokkaido.
Obihiro-city is the center of the Tokachi area. The Tokachi-onsen Hot Spring is an ideal place for you to relax. It is famous for its high quality spring water – very smooth to the skin, which bubbles out of the center of Tokachi Plain. It is a very popular spa resort that links the scenic Taisetsu and Akan areas.

Farming of soybeans, sugar beets, and potatoes and dairy farming in large scale is main industry.

Taste suki-yaki, Japanese dish of thinly sliced Tokachi-beef in hotpot.

Tokachi wain and beer : There are many winery here and produce good quality of wine. most famous winery is Ikeda wine castle.

Ikeda wine castle : Kiyomai( red wine ) and Yamasachi, these are grape, originates from Ikeda area. Glow on the slope to the south of the Wine castle. You can observe the method of growing wine grape in the wine yard.

Cellar : A variety of vines lay quietly maturing in the cellar. Tourist can see the wines in the process of cask aging and bottle aging as well as sparking wine.

Free wine tasting : avaialbe

  • Open : 09:00 – 17:00
  • Close : End of year and new year : pls contact about more detail