Autumn Leaves

In the famous place of colored leaves, (famous nationwide Oirase (Aomori) or sunlight (Tochigi), shrines and temples of Kyoto) overflows in weekenders.

Japanese say "Autum leaves hunting" It mean that "you looked at a flower" and really broke off the branch of the tree which turned red in the Heian era (hunting), and there was the appreciation method that I picked you up on the palm and appreciated.

Colored leaves begin to change color, day minimum temperature 8 degrees Celsius or less (broadleaf tree) are necessary. Furthermore, it is said that I go ahead 5 degrees Celsius at a stretch when as follows.

The condition that is easy to perform photosynthesis including the "slope "moderate water" which "air is not dirty" with from level ground" that "a difference of the temperature of the night and day has a big" is necessary for the condition of beautiful colored leaves. It is considered around a plateau, ravine, wetlands, a waterfall of high altitudes meeting the condition mentioned above well in the famous place of colored leaves. In addition, a famous place is seen in the large site, Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine and park with a maintained garden.