Anything to be able to buy only here

You can buy the miscellaneous goods that is most suitable for both a souvenir and a present in Kyoto.Japanese are aiso glad when we get miscellaneous goods of Kyoto by a souvenir.The Japanese sweet is famous in Kyoto, but introduces that it is difficult to take the food home with you as a souvenir mainly on miscellaneous goods.



Yojiya is the name of a company, with its head office in Kyoto City, dealing in Japanese cosmetic products, typically facial oil blotting paper, and also its brand name.This unique product dates back to around 1920.Each sheet of Aburatorigami was originally about four times in size,almost large enough to cover the whole face.After several improvements,a pocket size booklet of Aburatorigami was put on the market,which became very popular with stars of stage and screen, as well as with the women working in the plesure district in Kyoto.Then,it gradually started to be introduced across the country as a Kyoto brand cosmetic tool.You can find Yojiya in not only the Kyoto city but also Haneda Airport.



There is the fan here everywhere of the whole country as well as Kyoto.Izawaya is a popular shop miscellaneous goods which is established in1865.This sotre is also popular from Geishya and Maiko girl.The drawstring purse (Kinchaku) is a Japanese old petty person and a bag to put away belongings, and to carry it.You may find the wonderful souvenir including a furoshiki made by the silk which a craftsman finished one piece of 1 carefully elsewhere.Izawaya is 1minutes from Gion -shijo station,in front of Shijo-mInamiza.