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Center of the shopping in Osaka is without a doubt the Dotombori and Shinsaibashi area near Namba in the Minami (south) district of Osaka.

Shinsaibashi-suji is a long covered shopping street that runs north from Namba station, and is full of shops selling the latest fashions, and trendy people wearing them. Dotombori runs east-west along a canal and is full of restaurants and amusement centers. It is best seen in the evening or at night when the neon lights are flashing. A bit to the west is also the hip shopping area of Amerika-mura, or Ame-mura.

Brand name luxury designer shops such as Louis Vitton and Chanel, as well as Nike and Apple stores, can be found along Midosuji Boulevard which runs parallel to Shinsaibashi on the west side. For kids, there is a Toys R Us outlet in Namba Parks shopping center.

One shopping experience not to be missed is a visit to one of the many 100-yen shops all over Osaka, which are packed with cute Japanese goods, both modern and traditional, that make great souvenirs, as well as typical household goods. (Most items made in China, however.)

Those interested in computers, cameras, video games, and anime, etc. can wander the Den-Den Town electronics district in Nipponbashi just south of Namba station. Tourists can make tax-free purchases at some electronics stores, but note that English operating systems or manuals are sometimes not available. English speaking staff are pretty rare as well. Namba also has the huge electronics store called Bic Camera, while Umeda has Yodobashi Camera, and Tennoji has a Sofmap Computer outlet.

There are many full service (and full price) department stores throughout Osaka (most affiliated with private train lines to transport the customers in.) Besides department stores, there are many, many other modern shopping centers in Osaka which are just full of shops and cafes, etc. Here is a partial listing.

A traditional (pre-modern) Japanese shopping experience would involve a walk through a covered shopping arcade full of old-school mom and pop shops selling meat, fruit, flowers, bedding, clothing, etc. (called SHO-TEN-GAI in Japanese, of which Shinsaibashi is the hyper-modern version).The Tenjimbashi-suji Shopping Street is one of the more famous in Osaka, as well as the longest. Local versions can be found in found in most neighborhoods, including one in front of Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrine which is nice to walk through (to Kohama station on Nankai train line) after visiting the shrine

You can buy every cooking tool which the tableware included the person who is interested in dishes goes to Sennichimae-douguya-shopping street.