Travel Tips

Money In Cash

In Japan, unlike other countries, cash is essential for a trip.
In large cities there is a network of ATMs from which money can be withdrawn using foreign cards.
Some of them are:

-Seven Eleven Convenience Store:

Actually, at over 25,000 ATMs at 7-Eleven stores all across Japan, you can withdraw Japanese Yen day or night - something you can rely on when you come to Japan.

-Japan Post ATMs

Japan Post Bank ATMs are bilingual and support most international cards. They also close for business from 9pm until 8am on weekdays and (depending on the location) from 7pm on weekends. 

-Lawson Convenience Store:

Use Lawson ATMs to withdraw your money in Japanese Yen.
Some of the conditions to use the service are:
Limit of 50,000 yen per withdrawal. Currency is withdrawn in multiples of 10,000 yen. Service and use charges vary according to the card and bank(s) used. There may be additional fees charged by your card issuer. Some cards may not be used even if bearing the above marks. ATMs will be unavailable for fifteen minutes between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM, for maintenance.

Use and Recommendations:

To use an ATM you have to go to the main screen and select the desired language, then press the button to withdraw money and do the procedure as you would do abroad. Keep in mind that Japanese ATMs only give money in Yen, therefore the change to the Japanese currency must be taken into account before withdrawing money.
Post offices differ by location, but often closed at 5 pm (and Sundays and holidays, except for large agencies). Seven Eleven ATMs are accessible 24/7.
Please note that MASTERCARD and MAESTRO cards are more complicated to use in Japanese ATMs. The first is now denied in Seven-Eleven, as well as Maestro, the latest banned from post offices. 
Fees are often charged by international banks (a commission for withdrawing abroad, and in most cases, a percentage based on the amount withdrawn). These amounts vary considerably depending on your bank, so be sure to check before your trip.
Please remember to inform your banks well in advance that you are going abroad and will be making withdrawals so that your account is not locked due to suspicious activity. And please do not forget to ask the withdrawal limit.
Every day before go to any part of Japan it is recommended to ensure that you have enough cash to finance the trip. Most restaurants, public transportation, shrines and temples only accept cash.
With this in mind, you can happily enjoy the journey through the beautiful country of the rising sun.