Guide to Kansai Region



Chūgū-ji is a temple in Nara Prefecture, Japan, that was founded as a nunnery in the seventh century by Shōtoku Taishi. Located immediately to the northeast of Hōryū-ji, its statue of Miroku and Tenjukoku mandala are National Treasures.

Chūgūji was once the palace of Hashihito, mother of Shōtoku Taishi. After her death it was converted into a temple. Originally standing three hundred metres to the east, it was moved to its present location in the Muromachi period. Chūgū-ji is one of three nunneries in Yamato whose chief priestesses were imperial princesses. The site of Chūgū-ji has been designated a Historic Site, and the Edo period Omotegomon has been registered as a cultural property.

The camphor wood statue of Miroku is a National Treasure dating from the Asuka period. Formerly painted, it is finished in lacquer .