Guide to Kansai Region

The church of light

Tadao Ando, who is a world famous architect, I really respect him. Not only because he is a self-educated architect but also I’m fascinated with his passion and spirit toward his vocation.
“The church of light” is one of his masterpieces, which is located in Ibaraki city, Osaka prefecture, I knew about the church when I visited Tadao Ando museum in Naoshima island about 3 years ago.  In the museum, a scale model of the church and some photos are displayed, which shows how precisely it was calculated to take light inside through a few openings including the cross- shaped glass slit.
  There is nothing like the Cross, an image of Jesus or the Virgin Mary or other ornamental sculptures or paintings just like other typical churches have. It has only cross-shaped
“ light“ in the exposed concrete structure which is Ando’s signature style of architecture.  Because of this ultimate simplicity people could clear their own mind and focus on something important in their life, I believe so. In anyway, it’s amazingly sacred and worth to visit!