Guide to Kansai Region

Sumiyoshi Taisha

 The Shinto shrine "Sumiyoshi Taisha" was founded in 211, being one of the oldest shrines in all of Japan.  It is dedicated to Sumiyoshi sanjin, a trio of gods of the sea, who protect the country, provide safety on sea voyages and inspiration for poets.  He is also dedicated to Empress Jingu, who returned safe and sound from a trip from Korea and, later, an oracle of the great goddess Amaterasu told her that she should build a sacred compound in honor of Sumiyoshi Sanjin.  After a while, Empress Jingu was also consecrated in this sanctuary.

 Sumiyoshi Taisha is the principal of a network of more than 2000 Sumiyoshi shrines scattered throughout the country.  Reason why until 1945, it was in the first rank of sanctuaries financed by the government of Japan.  It is the most beautiful and important in Osaka, and without a doubt, one of the most beautiful in the whole country.

 It has a spectacular bridge called “Sorihashi” (also called “Taiko” bridge).  It is said that a person crossing it is spiritually purified, leaving all bad energies outside before entering the sanctuary.  After doing the purification ritual at the water source, we proceed to enter the sacred place.

 Within the spaces are four ships, three of them facing west.  In each one a God is consecrated.

 The sanctuary was built before Buddhism entered Japan.  Its architecture is based on a model called "Sumiyoshi-zukuri" and is considered a National Treasure.  Sumiyoshi Taisha was erected in a 100% Japanese style, without foreign influence, therefore differences can be noticed between it and the vast majority of Shinto shrines.

 Behind the main sanctuaries, but within them, is the small sanctuary “Nankun-Sha”.  Giant trees over 1000 years old, found here, are revered as gods.  This is a place of worship of nature, where you pray for success in business, for the power to attract people.  It is visited by travelers from all over Japan.  It is a sample of how the beginning of the Shinto religion was, centered on the belief that everything in nature has a God and is therefore sacred.

 At the beginning of each year, more than 2 million faithful visit Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine to pray for health and prosperity in the coming year.

Surrounded by natural beauty, its lands overflow with spiritual points that offer a deep sense of history.

 Sumiyoshi Taisha is a visit of great importance in Osaka