Guide to Kansai Region

Nanki Shirahama

Nanki Shirahama

Nanki, a generic name for the entire southwestern part of Wakayama and 100 km south of Osaka, is a large spot of leisure containing various amusement facilities, such as one of Japan's best white sand beaches and places where you can enjoy sports.

You can enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling if you wish.

There are tennis courts, golf courses nearby, fishing is available by boat. "Shirahama" literally means "white sand beach". Shirahama is also a well developed Onsen resort facing the Pacific Ocean in the Kii-hanto Peninsula.

Its popularity as an entertainment destination and its proximity to Osaka caused Shirahama to become one of Japan's most famous Onsen resorts.

In and around Shirahama are many places of natural beauty visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year.