Guide to Kanto Region

Nikko Edo Wonderland

In the prefecture of Tochigi there is a place where travel in time becomes possible ...
Would you like to see a real Samurai?
Observe the procession of the extravagant Oiran?
Go to a house of Ninja traps?
Then enjoy it in the big theme park "Edo Wonderland".
The park is a large-scale recreation of a village of the Edo period (1603-1868), and it is truly an unforgettable experience!
In the Edo period, Japan lived an era of peace, where culture flourished as never before, giving rise to Kabuki, the world of geishas and the perfection of bushido.
The special thing about this park is that it allows you to see the history in a direct, fun and exciting way. From the entrance to the farewell is a delight for visitors.
You will be taken by Ninjas who point out the path where the villagers will be happy to receive you.
There is a Shinto shrine at the entrance of the park where a large statue of a priest welcomes visitors.
A beautiful natural landscape surrounds the site and in this magical place you can:
- Learn to play the Shamisen (traditional Japanese instrument)
- See the majestic procession of the Oiran
- Visit the house of the Ninjas
- See the traditional Japanese cup collection
- Stroll through the true environment of the Edo period
- Taste Japanese food that was traditional at that time
And many other extraordinary experiences!
Every once in a while you might see a feudal lord surrounded by his loyal warriors, or perhaps be caught by Edo period police with his ropes for a fun photograph.
Edo Wonderland is one of the few places in Japan where you can feel like in a samurai movie, since absolutely everyone who works in the park is dressed in the clothes of the Edo period and their way of speaking is equal to that of the Edo period.
It is really a journey in time.
In the park you can rent from a traditional kimono, to the armor of a Samurai or the elegant suit of an Oiran.
The procession of the Oiran was an event of great importance in the Edo period.
In Edo Wonderland you can witness this event and many other mysterious and wonderful things from the Edo period.
If you want to know Japan from its origin, travel back in time and live a surprising multisensory experience visit the theme park "Edo Wonderland"