Guide to Kanto Region

Akiba Culture Zone

In Akihabara, the heart of anime, manga, videogames and computer stores, there is an amazing building that combines almost all areas of Akihabara in a single space.
The name of this place is "Akiba Culture Zone", translated as "Akiba Culture Center".
This building consists of 5 floors dedicated to Japanese pop culture.
- On the first floor:
Collections of anime figures, comics and iconic films.
Unlike other places, here the figures have a relatively affordable price for all people. It is truly a paradise for figure collectors.
- On the second floor:
DVDs or blu-ray's of the Japanese animation series are on sale, along with the CDs with the songs that were used in these series.
You can get good Cd's for up to 200 yen.
Here you can also buy folders or portfolios with the cover of your favorite anime.
- In the third floor:
For fans of card games there is a section dedicated to the exchange and sale of collectible cards on this floor.
And there is also more sale of figures collections, put on sale by the same fans.
- On the fourth floor:
A whole section dedicated to the world of male idols and female idols that make up a large part of Japan's music industry.
Here you can buy collectible posters, fans, shirts, CDs, photo albums and much more.
In this same floor there are shops of rare and funny toys that will make more than one want to try them.
- In the fifth floor:
A whole place dedicated to the work of Cosplay (Cosplay is the art of dressing like an anime character).
Here you can get all the exact and perfect costumes of the most important characters in the world of anime.
There is a vast collection of realistic wigs and contact lenses for all those who want to become true cosplayers.
In this way, this building collects a lot of what Akihabara offers, giving the client the opportunity to go directly to what he is looking for, or simply to give an exciting tour through all the different facets of this fun building.
If you are a fan of Japanese anime and pop culture, do not forget to take a walk through the "Akiba Culture Zone" building.
Hours: 11:00 am to 9:30 pm.