Guide to Kanto Region

Henna Hotel

In the country of the rising sun, Japan, there is a wide variety of hotels, from traditional Japanese-style Ryokan, to large western buildings.  Among all this diversity is a very special hotel because, usually, it does not have human employees at the reception, but clients are served by humanoid-looking robots.
 It is called "Henna Hotel" which, translated its name into Spanish, would be "Hotel Raro", being one of the most innovative franchises in the hotel industry in the world.  As indicated before, it does not require people attending the reception, since the entire process of Check in and Check out is at the hands of the robots and an electronic tablet.
 Foreign people will only need the passport to register.  The whole process that follows is explained by the robots, but in addition, it is also written on the tablet for ease of customers.
 The lobby has a fishbowl, but not full of normal fish, but of robots that move throughout the space with its futuristic appearance.
 The elevator can only be used with the electronic key in the form of a card, in this way the security of the customers is reinforced.
 The rooms are not very spacious, but they are quite clean and cozy.  Within each of them you can use a smartphone designed to help tourists plan their trip and gather information of interest.
 They also have a special machine for the use of customers' clothes in terms of improving their condition and eliminating wrinkles.
 Breakfast varies depending on where the hotel is located.  In the case of the Asakusabashi subsidiary near Akihabara, it is taken in an Indian food restaurant, so that you can enjoy a Japanese, American or Indian style buffet.
 Henna Hotel entered the Guinness record as the first hotel in the world to use robots as employees.
 The robots are real looking and can speak Japanese, English, Chinese, among other languages
 Staying at this hotel is a unique experience.  It is recommended for those who wish to enjoy an unusual style.