Guide to Kanto Region

Hexa Ride ( VAR )

On the famous island of Tokyo, Odaiba, there is a place called DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.
It is a shopping center designed with the theme of creating a "theatrical space in the city". It is a large, large-scale entertainment building where you can have many different experiences, and offers a wide selection of souvenirs representing various aspects of Japan in many of its stores. It also has many authentic Japanese restaurants and convenient access to public transportation.
DiverCity is a new and fun destination in Tokyo for foreign visitors. Within this magnificent shopping center is an attraction that is for those who are looking to experience the world of virtual reality. The attraction is called "Hexaride" and it's a fun virtual reality ride that lets you watch a 10-minute anime movie. The films are available in different languages ​​at different times, in Japanese, English and Chinese.
How is this ride and experience? : This modern interdimensional vehicle has the ability to create reference points that connect users with different dimensions. With 12 seats and six-way movement, the vehicle offers dynamic movements, both large and small, combining them with the 360-degree VR video so that each pilot feels completely immersed in the experience.
Hexaride currently has two titles to choose from.
1- Attack on Titan: The Collapsing Tower
This original story is based on an episode found in volumes 9 and 10 of the Attack on Titan manga. In it, the creators of the animated adaptation of Attack on Titan take the action of anime and omnidirectional mobility to the real world.
Extensive verification by the BROGENT motion programming team has allowed the Hexaride features to be used to the maximum, perfectly synchronizing the movements in the ride and the representation of Attack on Titan. Fans will have the opportunity to join Eren, Mikasa and Levi and experience the terror of the Titans approaching from an isolated tower.
Hexaride is a next generation virtual reality attraction in which players can enjoy the action that is perfectly synchronized with an original story. Various Attack on Titan items, such as T-shirts, transparent files, tin badges and acrylic stands, will also be available at the hexaRide store.
2- Ghost in the Shell: GHOST CHASER
This story is set in the Republic of Kuzan. The defense minister, who participated in a meeting of the next-generation Weapons Coordination Council, ordered an on-site inspection in advance. The Ride participants are tasked with providing escort while securing an inspection route in the "Public Safety Section 9", where Motoko Kusanagi is the leader. Passengers will use the Hexaride vehicle to enter cyberspace and, acting as an agent of the "Public Security Section 9", will join an attack against anti-government forces.
In order to maximize the potential of Hexaride, the trip has been repeatedly tested and verified by the BROGENT motion programming team. It's a completely new experience like no other, counting with elaborated and ultra-dynamic visual expression techniques. That are at the pinnacle of today's virtual reality attractions and they are totally synchronized with the movements of walk.
For those interested in immersing themselves in the world of anime through virtual reality, Hexaride is one of the best recommendations.