Guide to Kanto Region

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Odaiba is known for being the futuristic island, where you can find robots, rainbow bridges, and high-tech and lighting museums, automobile conventions, among many others.
But Odaiba is also home to some of the most traditional but fun experiences in Tokyo.
Oedo Onsen Monogatari is a space recreated in the Edo period (1603-1868).
Upon arrival, you must choose a model of Yukata (summer Kimono) and proceed to leave the bags or luggage in a locker and change clothes to be left alone in Yukata. There are many guides in several languages for those who have never had a similar experience.
When the change is ready, you proceed to enter the recreation area where there are many traditional Japanese games, a tower in the center of the area in the style of ancient cities, a variety of ramen restaurants, okomomiyaki, among others, and all the people are dressed in yukata, giving the feeling of being 100% in a peaceful and fun city of the Edo period.
Now, an Onsen is a hot bath with hot springs, and this is the main objective when coming there. Formerly men and women bathed together, but due to regulations imposed in the Meiji era, men and women must bathe in different rooms, a rule that even today remains.
The waters of the Onsen relax the body in all senses, and these waters contain special minerals that favor the skin in an extraordinary way.
But before entering the waters, you should leave the yukata in a locker and enter the area totally naked. You cannot bring a towel or any other item to cover yourself.
In Japan, people are not ashamed of their naked bodies, because that is how they came to the world and have no problems sharing space with others in the same state. This is a culture of many centuries of antiquity. In the Middle Ages Europeans took a bath every certain month, while in Japan everyday people went to the public toilets Sentō or to the Onsen to wash themselves.
Nowadays, when going to an Onsen, hierarchy barriers are lost, since when they are all naked, they enter into equality. It is very common to see people of all ages sharing these spaces with almost no shame.
This place also has a unisex space where you can enter with the Yukata, and it is an outdoor space where you can only put your feet in the hot water. It is a very enriching experience since the traditional landscape of Japan can be appreciated while being shared with people of multiple nationals in a healthy and relaxing space.
Inside or outside the hot springs, the Oedo Onsen is a complete experience that takes the visitor directly to feel like a true Nippon in one of the culturally strongest aspects in Japan.
It is advisable to bring a good camera, being that the whole place looks like a film set from the Edo period and complemented with the Yukata, it is an excellent place to take photos and create unforgettable moments.