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The west area is neatly lined skyscraper. The east area is most crowed place in Tokyo. The south area is scattered with new tourist spots. Shinjuku is a city of entertainment.

Tokyo metropolitan government office


The twin towers of the Tokyo metropolitan government office were conceived and started at beginning of the so-called bubble economy in the 1980s. They were intended to make a statement that Tokyo was now one of the world great and powerful city. 13,000 city employee fill the buildings each day.

At the top of both towers, on the 45th floors at 220 m, expansive observation decks with cafeteria offers Tokyo's breathtaking view. This section of Shinjuku lying west of the railway tracks, supports a number of other impressive skyscrapers, the near by NS and Sumitomo building, and the Shinjuku park tower among them.

Shinjuku station

In its early days, when the rail line through Shinjuku, was but 21km long, only about 50 people used the station at Shinjuku daily. Surrounding the wooden station was forest of tree. The year was 1885. Nowadays, it is said by the Japanese that Shinjuku station is the worlds busiest train station. - approaching 3 million people daily-


Major entertainment town in Shinjuku. There are many restaurant, theater, movie theater, adult shop and game arcades.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Originally created as garden for royal family, it is currently a national park, harmonizing both European and Japanese styles.