Guide to Kanto Region

Takeshita Street (Takeshita dori)

Harajuku is one of the main points where the particular fashion style of Japanese young people comes together to form a wonderful area full of colorful places.
In this area are placed the important Shinto Shrine "Meiji Jingu", the large park "Yoyogi Koen", the elegant boulevard "Omotesando" and the internationally known street "Takeshita Dori".
The street of Takeshita is narrow and almost always full of people from side to side. At the entrance you can see an arch with balloons on the top making the shape of a coffee maker, although this design is changing relatively, and upon entering you can see many stores for people looking for souvenirs related to Japan.
There are shops specializing in types of flannels with designs of the Japanese flag, important historical figures or traditional paintings of the Edo period. On the other hand there are flannels with designs based on anime characters or foreign artists and many shops with pranks of joker style with phrases in Japanese for those people who want to bring back to their country a fun and particular type of flannel. On Takeshita Street there are many places to take the typical "Purikura" photo. This type of photo is something that all the groups of friends in Japan do even once. It is a type of photo in which the eyes come out a little bigger and brighter, the skin looks like porcelain and it has the effect of looking younger, in this way the "Kawaii" effect is achieved, which means to look pretty and innocent. This type of photo is one of the things that attracts visitors to Takeshita Street. In Harajuku, for many years now, fashion is unconventional, and you can see people dressed in "Visual Kei" style with multi-colored hair and extravagant clothes, as well as see costumes in medieval style or super Kawaii style. Many young people travel from their homes with a suitcase, and when they arrive to Harajuku they change the normal clothes, they wear and dress in extravagant clothes to enjoy the place. That's why it's very normal to see people carrying small suitcases with them. Shops of stockings, shirts, dresses, suits of pink, red, yellow and other colors that attract attention are the specialties of Harajuku stores.
Everything that can be seen as beautiful, innocent but outside the conventional rules of dress can be found in this street. Even the food is colorful. Recently one of the gastronomic attractions that has been gaining popularity is a kind of croquette stuffed with cheese, but this cheese is rainbow. There is also rainbow cotton candy or cotton candy in the form of rabbits or Kawaii bears. Being a place where youth gathers, there are stores dedicated to the Idols of the Japanese music industry. Stores full of collectible photographs of all the Idols of different companies. Many followers of these groups come to Takeshita Street to get a picture of their favorite Idol. For those looking to buy in Tokyo but want to save a little money, in Takeshita Street there is a huge store of the company Daiso. Daiso is a Japanese company that is responsible for producing everyday objects, small souvenirs from Japan and even very good quality food, at only 100 yen per product.
One of the biggest promoters of the colorful area of Harajuku is the singer "Kyary Pamyu Pamyu" who since childhood was always connected with the particular fashion of Harajuku and as she became famous she took all the fashion that characterizes this place through her videos and songs. Her presence is so important in this place that she was appointed cultural governor of Harajuku, and in the Harajuku station of the Yamanote line are images of the singer with the phrase "From Harajuku for the world".
The color, the fashion, the gastronomy that can be found in the street of Takeshita is unique in all the world, therefore, it is a place that must be visited when being in the city of Tokyo.