Guide to Kanto Region

Team Lab Toyosu

One of the best experiences that can be enjoy in Japan at the technological level is the museum of lighting and art "Team Lab".
There are two versions of this museum, one is in the Toyosu area, and the other in the Odaiba area.
This article will discuss the version of Toyosu.
This place specializes in the experience of combining light with water.
Therefore, before entering, everyone will be asked to remove their shoes and leave them in a locker, and fold the pants up to the size of the knees.
It is recommended to people not to go in skirt, since in the enclosure there are floors of mirrors and everything can be reflected.
In the first room you have to climb a real waterfall, and at the top you can see a waterfall that thanks to the light is seen completely white.
In the next room there is a comfortable giant mattress that serves both to play while sinking with the weight, or just lie back and enjoy the view.
From then on you enter a magical room, created by millions of LED lights that recreate the universe, nature, paradise, so many things in a single space.
In this room, all the walls are covered with mirrors, so that the visitor can be inside the light and be one with everything.
The next room is very fun, and it's about giant balls that bounce, move and have different colors.
Continuing with the experience of the water, you get to a real lake with Koi fish made of realistic lighting that makes you feel like in a true pond of the paradise.
Finally, the universe of flowers. A large planetarium is visible to all, but unlike seeing galaxies, large sunflowers are observed along with other species of flowers, rotating, growing, disappearing, and creating an atmosphere of complete relaxation.
This place has other very interesting things, as the exhibition is constantly changing.
It is a unique experience that can only be experienced in Tokyo.
Visiting the "Team Lab" museum in Toyosu is an experience that is unparalleled.
From 10 am to 10pm (last entry 9pm)
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays from 9 am to 10pm (last entry 9pm).