Guide to Kanto Region

Team Lab Odaiba

One of the best experiences that can be enjoy in Japan at the technological level is the museum of lighting and art "Team Lab".
There are two versions of this museum, one is in the Toyosu area, and the other in the Odaiba area.
In this article we will talk about the Odaiba version.
Located on the island of technology, a few kilometers from Tokyo, there is a special place called "Pallete Town", where there is a giant wheel of fortune that guides visitors where to go.
In this place is the museum, and to enter it is recommended to arrive 30 minutes before the time of entry.
Unlike the version of Toyosu, the "Team Lab" of Odaiba does not have a route, but the visitor can enter as many rooms as possible.
In this museum it is recommended to be hand in hand with the person who accompanies you, since the corridors are completely dark and because the rooms are constantly changing, it is very easy to get lost in such wonder.
Some of the most iconic rooms in this place are:
- The garden of flowers; It is an immense room with thousands of flower petals flying on the walls, all created with lighting, which gives the illusion of being wrapped in a beautiful floral tornado.
- The room of the lamps; full of streetlamps of light, that according to the aura of the person these lights are changing colors and communicating with the other lamps, creating a spectacular choreography of lights.
- A magical room, created by millions of LED lights that recreate the universe, nature, paradise, so many things in a single space. In this room, all the walls are covered with mirrors, so that the visitor can be inside the light and be one with everything.
- A room is very fun, and it's about giant balls that bounce, move and have different colors.
- An amazing aquarium made by visitors' drawings. It is one of the funniest experiences, since you receive a leaf with a sketch of a fish, and the visitor can sit down and draw or write at will what you want in that sketch, and at the end, it is delivered to the manager, this scans it and the fish comes out swimming in the aquarium. It is a true magic of technology.
- A zoo of light animals but with the characteristics that they are made of flowers. It is really art in movement.
These among many other rooms that will make the viewer feel like living in a world without barriers, connected with everything and everyone through light, sound and technology.
"Team Lab" is a sample of what is technologically advanced Tokyo is.
If you want to live a multisensory experience, which will move emotions and surprise with such beauty, then you must visit "Team Lab" in Odaiba.
Open from Monday to Sunday. Tuesday closed.