Guide to tohoku Region



With roughly one million populations, Sendai is by far the largest city in the Tohoku Region.

The modern city of Sendai was founded around the year 1,600 by Date Masamune, one of feudal Japan's most powerful lords.

Many of Sendai's tourist attractions are related to Masamune and his family such as Aoba castle.

Explore the ruins of Aoba Castle or rest and relax in the neighborhood of Mt. Aoba, which has been transformed into a gracious public park with nice view over the city.

Today, Sendai is known as "The City of Trees" with numbers of trees in the city. A local market, with many smaller stores lining the side streets, make for a delightful shopping excursion.

After shopping, relax and dine at your choice of fancy restaurants, all clustered around Sendai Station.

The Tanabata-matsuri Festival, held every summer in Sendai, is considered one of the four greatest festivals in the Tohoku region.

Less than an hour northeast of the city center is the town of Matsushima, whose bay is dotted by pine clad islets and is known for one of Japan's three most scenic views.